The Great Power

We always get what we wish. Strange as it may seem but it is the fixed fact. And what is more our wishes come true immediately. But we understand this fact only when we have no more wishes. This is the paradox of the human life. And only at that moment we may see how the complicated mechanism of our wishes works. This mechanism is so complicated and tangled; it has such a long story, hidden layers and contradictions!

So, when the man says: I dont know what I wish, he is absolutely right. The average person cant even imagine the number of processes of his/her wishes realization that he/she currently has. Almost all of the wishes have very ancient nature. So ancient that there is even no sense to talk about Time here. Then why wishes live so long within us? Why havent they fulfilled many years ago, immediately after their appearance?

To answer this question we must learn the mechanism of our wishes. When we wish something, we become attached to the object of our wish. As a result we get fear. We fear to think that we wont get the thing we wish. And when we finally get it, then we fear to loose this desired object. The fear is the integral part of our attaching and wishing.

If only man could remember about his/her primordial nature, he/she would never feel attached to some individual objects. When we do not feel affection for something, we have everything, all fullness of existence. Noting can be more than this nothing can be more beyond this. This is the unity, which include all variety of the hidden and unhidden forms.

If man stops wishing this huge energy, that has been wasted for the maintenance of complicated mechanisms of old wishes realization, will accumulated in his mind. Its hard to imagine the scale of this energy. But we may say for sure that this power is surpass thermonuclear energy. The worlds and the virtual realities are created with the help of this energy.. The power of the whish is the great power.

Thus the person that has reached the inappetency state becomes the owner of the great power he never even dreamed of. In fact, if we translate this into religious terms we can say that the man becomes like a God. Just imagine this. But we are all Gods! Nevertheless we always wish something! We are like the man, who is the richest in the world, but still go begging. It is unbelievable. But that is so for those who see this.

You can see that the thousand of times at the moment of irradiation, recollections or awakening (call it as you wish). But then you forget all this and return to you usual state of mind, full of numerous wishes. But we can say that after such irradiations a mans life is changed and the beyond-cutoff feeling appears.

For a man, who has never been awakened, this truth is a ridiculous joke, ravings of a madman, senseless sounds. /she doesnt see the great power inside him/her, the great wealth he/she has. He/she sees the little purposes only and considers them to be the most important in his/her short life. The process of self researching gets the last place in the system of their purposes. Obviously this kind of man is overwhelming majority. Do they need to know the truth? It is one of the most ancient questions, which was asked by those who awakened.

It goes without saying that all people without any exceptions will go the way from the sleeping state and tothe complete awakening. And nobody knows how much time a person may need for that.It is as unpredictable, as The Life itself.

Konstantin Shvartz

Ljubki and traditional healing system

There are many healing systems in Russian traditional culture differing in their specific character and orientation. For example, bone-setting, herbal therapy, healing with incantation. In this article I am going to tell you about one of those systems, which is called Ljubki in Vladimirschina. (Vladimirschina is the territory of exVladimirsky province). Ljubki isnt just a healing system, it is something much more. It is hard to tell about this in brief, nevertheless I will try to give you some idea of Ljubki. The Nam Ljubki occurred from Russian word liubovatsa (to admire of smth.). In other words in Russian we would say, that Liubki is admiring (liubovanie).

On the whole we may call Ljubki is a way of Life or a way of relation with Life. Live in Ljubki old people (keepers of the tradition) said. Ljubki is the heritage of the skomorokhs tradition, but they came from the tradition of Ofeni. Ofeni were peddlers. All their life passed in movement, and they considered movement as very a important thing.

As they thought movement manages our Life. Movement is the basis of Life. To understand what life is, we must understand the things through which life reveals itself. And while studying the basis of movement you may study the vitality itself, i.e. health. Old men, the keepers of the Ljubki said that Movement manages Life, and Power manages Movement.

Ancient philosophers such as Platoon and Aristotle said about self-moving force of soul. Soul lives because it is in constant movement ( It means that there is the power in movement, that maintains life in a human being. , It is obvious then, why people attach importance to movement in all traditional highly developed cultures.

In some cases Ljubki is considered as therapeutic gymnastics, and sometimes as healing gymnastic . But this is only one of all directions of Ljubki. As a whole Ljubki is a very huge subject.
We can relatively divide Ljubki into 4 main directions.

The first direction is healing Ljubki. In this direction we work with body, relieving it from pain and diseases, and returning the movement and power of the Life into it.

The second direction is fighting Ljubki. Ljubki as martial arts. In this direction we work with our thinking and reason, and restore liveliness of our mind.

The third direction is philosophic Ljubki We study Ljubki as the world view and ideology.

The forth direction is amusing Ljubki. Ljubki as amusement, merriment, play. All festivals in traditional Russian culture go with dance, games, skomorokhs fun. And all of them are basis of each celebration.

In this article I will tell you only about healing Ljubki. One of the main purposes of Ljubki is movement mastering, getting the ability to see movement and manage it, in order to understand and cognize oneself. The main purpose of healing Ljubki is removing from body everything that can be a barrier for movement. The meaning of this is the following: if movement carries out life, then movement must go through our body freely and without difficulty.

First of all, the support-locomotion system is healed with the help of Ljubki. But with a good mastering of Liubki it is possible to heal the other functional systems of organism as well. Diagnostics takes a important place in Ljubki. Diagnostics is also realized with the help of movement.

It looks like this: different movements are sent into the body of a man; then we see to (see- , see to -) how the man receives these movements, i.e. are these movements going through the body naturally or not. If the movements go through body naturally and without any difficulties, it means the man is generally in good health. If the movement comes through ??? with barriers, that is it becomes unnatural and not fluid, it means the man is sick and he needs to be healed.

The place of sickness is the place where the movement has barrier, because the stream of Life Power cant go through it. As a rule, this is the place of old trauma, or not cured illness. Or this may be the place of great tension accumulated because of inconvenient pose or hard work. Illness must be cured, tension must be released, and trauma after-effects must be removed. As a rule, displacements or injuries of bones, rids, muscles, inner organs are the after-effects of a trauma. They are recovered with the method of smooth bone-settling. We can compare this method with manual therapy. Also method lajenie is applied, which can be compared with healing massage.

The particular feature of these methods is the absence of defined technique as against massage and manual therapy. All methods are spontaneous and and depend only from the specificity of trauma. Although, they look like manual therapy in some cases.

The setting of the bones, ribs and inner organs is made with the help the movement, that is sent into the body to the particular place of block. The movement is sent so that it went through the injuried place and restored the body.

The movements here and in Liubki in general, must not be jerked and hard. They must be soft and fluid. In this statement we can compare Ljubki with Chinese healing physical training Taizi-Cuan, which tells that movements must be soft and fluid like water.

One of the main features of bone-settling in Ljubki is the ability to see and define movement, which made block in the body. And then, according to the defined movement, find and make a new movement which will recover the body. We may call this way of healing to fight fire with fire. In other words, if violation in the body (falling, blowing, awkward movement) is caused by the movement, it may be removed with the other movement.

The main goal of the healing part of Ljubki is to move away all blocks from the body, which can break movement. And then, with the help of the same movement, fill the body with new power of the life.

Eugenie Bagaev.
Founder of the School of Ljubki,
representative of the Professional Medical Association of the Traditional Russian Healers.