Center "Dao"
is going to carry out the traveling seminar in Peru:

Seminar’s name: "Magical journey"

The seminar’s teachers are Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez and Maximilian Erdely.

Maximilian Erdely is the founder of "Santa Fe International" center practicing reflexotherapy, herbalistic, alternative medicine and trance therapy. He has doctor degree from UCLA, completed his doctorate in Oriental Medicine in1986 in China, He has received a degree in Shamanic Studies at the National University of San Martin. He has been living in Shipibo Tribe(Amazon) for twelve years and has been adopted by them and accepted as a Shaman in his own right. The English version of Maximilian Erdely’s website “Project Amazonia”.

Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez is a native Amazonian Shaman, head of the San Martin’s University. Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez is also the founder of the Center "SONCCO WASI INTERNACIONAL".

SONCCO WASI translated from Indian kechua language means “ The House of the Heart“.

The seminar lasts one week.

The seminar’s program includes:

  • three ceremonies “Ayahuasca”
  • teaching shamanism
  • studying healing plants
  • tour to the places of the power: the jungle and the water falls.

At the end of the seminar the listeners are certified with SONCCO WASI INTERNACIONAL diploma.

The trip program also includes the visit to Machu Pichu, innermost town of the Inka and Peruvian Amazon.

If you'd like to take part in the seminar please send letter to