Although Dao centre has been existing for 5 years already, the necessity to describe our views, as well as the goals and tasks of our organization, has appeared only now, with the appearance of this web-site.
The main activity of the centre is organization of seminars devoted to different trends of psychology, as well as traditional spiritual systems of the knowledge: Yoga, Tantra, Daoism(Taoism), Zen, Bonism, Dzogchen, Sufism, Hasidism, Cabbala, shamanism , paganism, archaic (ancient) magic etc.

We are not so much interested in religion and philosophy as in a practical part of the psychological and spiritual knowledge. Therefore, when we choose the partners to organize seminars for them, we take into consideration not only the level of knowledge of a teacher, his scientific degrees and spiritual knowledge, but also the level of his spiritual abilities. In other words we work with those teachers who have real experience of the self-knowledge and strong professional knowledge.

There are many charlatans and dilettanti in the market of esoteric psychological services. What is the difference between charlatan and dilettante? The fist one swindles out money deliberately, the second one cheats inadvertently or free of charge. As a result the consumer gets non-qualitative goods in all cases. What does it mean “to get non-qualitative goods”, if goods means knowledge and you start to set out your life with the help of this knowledge or sometimes the goods are the methods of work with consciousness. What kind of after-effects can occur?

With this present-day situation in Russia many men grow into a role of messiah, oracle, guru. Usually people don’t think about the scale of responsibility in this kind of work. They think it is a game or a kind of troubled water, where each dilettante can represent himself as professional, because anyway nobody understands this theme. Anyone doing his work professionally can recognize professional in the same area and can recognize masters and novices. Truth to tell, as for spiritual area or psychological world all things are getting more complicated.

Criteria of the professionalism seem to be washed-out and very subjective. There are thousands of opinions, which pretend to be true. Somebody considers one specialist to be the best, others just another. But the explanation is easy. There are so many opinions, because in this area everybody thinks he is right, and there are not enough professionals and consequently their voices can’t be heard.

If the situation like this was in the nuclear physics we would never knew about Einstein’s existence. The crowd of dilettants would never distinguish his genius. But in physics there are different methods for visual and convincing demonstration of your discoveries level. Of course, professionals and scientists will define this level. And we know who are these professionals and consider their opinion.

We wish the situation in the self-knowing and spiritual area were the same. Many ancient societies knew exactly their sages, shamans, pagan priests and Teachers. They had clear criteria. In connection with aforesaid I wish to emphasize that all members of our center are professionally certified physiologists and what is more they personally study ancient spiritual heritage. And they study it not by books or Internet articles, but from the real keepers of this knowledge. As you understand this study exceeds the limits of scientific perception and turns to self-knowledge field that requires full inclusion into the work. Only when self-knowing is your purpose and you realize your need in studying, you may contact the keepers of ancient spiritual traditions.

I wish to pay attention to the decreasing of the number of these keepers. The civilization of mankind is moving to another direction on the whole. Although, there is another opinion, that this direction will change soon and people will see that the development of our civilization is one-sided. And they will think about the necessity of development of psychological knowledge.

Somebody sees this necessity today and works at the creation of new psychology. This will be psychology with the translation of “psycho” as “soul”, instead of God knows what. But now we are witnesses of old-traditions disappearance and dying of the spiritual schools. Many schools keeping their old names have lost the spirit and core. The modern world have already forgotten some of the traditions.

The main goal of our centre is preservation of true spiritual traditions. For that we are looking for authentic people around the world who can impart their knowledge and the people who can take this knowledge for self-knowing. We have chosen to be mediators, because in this way we can most efficiently contribute to traditions saving. Working in such a way we can help the true seekers who are looking for Teachers and the Teachers who are looking for thier followers.

This doesn’t mean that all teachers of our seminars are great Teachers. No, this isn’t so. But it means that all our teachers have experience of the relations with such Teachers or they have studied at traditional schools and they apply this knowledge to their own life.

As a result at the seminars you can learn effective practices, get to know about not well-known doctrines, get the new spiritual impulse with the direct communication and if you wish go into the traditional spiritual schools. Of course, you can use this knowledge for improving and harmonizing of your life. We will be happy if this knowledge will help people to solve their problems, realize dreams and achieve success.

We don’t say that one purpose is above the other one. We can only note that all of us have different purposes. But all of us follow the Path, and we begin to understand this sooner or later.

Konstantin Shvartz