School of the Russian Martial Art Ljubki with center "Dao" was conduct seminar from series "Healing and Ljubki" in April, 2003.
This series of seminars is a part of International Project "Unknown Russia".

The leading teacher of the seminar is Eugenie Bagaev, the founder of the Schoolf of Ljubki. He is a representative of the Professional Medical Association of the Traditional Russian Healers. He was honored the name of The Best Healer of the XX century from Russia . Also he is a member of the Old Russian ancestral school, in which he took the initiation from the original keeper of the martial arts Ljubki. During last twelve years Eugenie Bagaev actively popularizes traditional Russian Arts, such as healing, martial arts, traditional applied psychology, traditional festivals.

The program of the series of seminars include: Russian martial arts, the philosophy and practice of Ljubki, healing Ljubki, the study of the basics of traditional Russian healing.

The main participants of these seminars are healers, both with medical education and without it ( ) educated and non-educated doctors, psychologists, ethnographers, sportsmen, trainers, dancers, choreographers, and any people, who like martial arts and healing, Russian traditional culture, self-researching and self-improvement.

The mail goal of these seminars is to give the participants the idea of traditional healing as a part of Russian traditional culture, and give them practical knowledge of healing.Sequence of the learning material are created with the goal of studying theoretical materials and acquiring practical skills of healing.

Theoretical part of the program:

Healing in the Russian traditional Culture, self-healing and healing the World around us, conception of the wholeness, as natural state of the soul.

Mythology of healing: mans structure and myths about creation and structure of the world, traditional knowledge about diseases.

Purification in Russian traditional culture, purification as the basis of traditional healing, healing by means of purification , different ways of purification.

Healing Ljubki: general conception of Ljubki, as marital ( ) culture, Ljubki as Russian traditional healing training ( , physical ), the notion of sclian (a part of the body which is growing numb), studying the basics of movement.

Traditional Russin Massage Lagenie: the Lagenie, Lagenie as instrument of making harmony.

Light bone-settling: conception of light (painless) bone-settling, bone-settling of the backbones, bones, ribs, joints.

Drevolagenie (Russian traditional reflex-therapy with using woody stick): main conceptions of drevolagenie, studying of the main ways of drevolagenie.

Kresenie (purification of the consciousness): the main conception of Kresenie, purification with fire and rebirth, methods of kresenie: heart-to-heart talk, pysanka (method of self-watching).

Methods of the healing reception.

Practical part of the program:

Purification, studying all methods of purification

Lagenie: lagenie of the gate of the life power ( feet, palms, ears), lagenie of backbones, chest, belly.

Drevolagenie: making sticks, diagnostics, healing.

Light bone-settling: bone-settling of the backbones,joints,head.

Extraction with honey: Russian traditional massage with honey.

Healing Ljubki: methods of showing up and removing of pains and diseases with the help of the movement.

Bringing into healthy state with the help of cold (ice-hole, snow)

Bringing into healthy state with the help of heat (bath-house ritual, walking over live coals)

Traditional purifying starvation.

Healing and purifying beating.

Sleep starvation

Festive parts of the seminar are:

Festival in Russian traditional culture

Purification and healing with the help of festivals

musing Liubki, folk-dancing with balalaika, Russian traditional games, soul songs.

References of the participants of Eugenie Bagaevs seminars

My contact with Eugenie Bagaev and with school which he represents make me certain that healing tradition in Russia has been saved. It is astonishing. This tradition possesses knowledge, which is heedful for spiritual and physical development.
My contact with Eugenie Bagaev and with the school he represents made me certain that healing tradition has been saved in Russia, in some wonderful mysterious way . It is astonishing. This tradition possesses the knowledge, which is needful for spiritual and physical development.

I have met a great number of schools and seekers groups, which tried to collect and reconstruct Old Russian spiritual tradition having only fragments and scraps of information.
But all these attempts were vain. They put in my mind a sad thought, that pitiless reality of our History: revolutions, terror, repressions, wars had destroyed the Great Culture of Old Russia, which we know only from fairy tales and Russian epics. Nevertheless, it turned out that still there some people live who carry this culture, the people who can bring that fabulous beauty into our present-day life. These people keep the rules of this World, descriptions of a human being and universe in exactly the same way as our ancestors saw them.

And now, everybody who wishes to know that, can make sure what a deep, many-sided and all-embracing vision of the world they had. In his own practice everybody may make sure in the effectiveness of the methods that are suggested by the school of Ljubki. But one question still remains ( , ) open: Are there still real knowledge-hunters in Russia, willing to bring back their hercules power, health and sorcerers wisdom?