This is the web site of publishing house "Tropa Trojanova". "Tropa Trojanova" issues very interesting books about folk traditions of the ancient Russia, about the traditional physiology, unique collections of fairy tales and Russian epic. The staff of the “Tropa Trojanova” are experts in ethno-phycology and have the deep knowledge of our forefathers culture heritage. Our center represents Alexander Shevtsov's (the author of several books of publishing house)interests abroad.

This is the English version of Maximilian Erdely web site. Maximilian is the founder of "Santa Fe International" center practicing reflexotherapy, herbalistic, alternative medicine and trance therapy.
He has doctor degree from UCLA, completed his doctorate in Oriental Medicine in1986 in China, received a degree in Shamanic Studies at the National University of San Martin. He has been living in Shipibo Tribe(Amazon) for twelve years and has been adopted by them and accepted as a Shaman in his own right. Our center organizes Maximilian’s seminars in Russia and Peru.

This is the web site of the international organization WITSS: "Windows in the Sky Society". This organization unites representatives from more than 20 countries. WITSS’s main activity is SPIRITUAL RESEARCHing and creation of a new culture.
Many well-known writers, psychotherapeutics and researchers of ancient cultures are the members of the organization. Our center represents WITSS interests in Russia.

This is the web site of Alexander Tarasenko. Alexander is a web designer, who has created web sites for many famous persons and organizations of St. Petersburg, as well as for our organization. Nowadays Alexander teaches the novice web designers at the International Academy of education for adults. Alexander is a creative person, enjoying traveling to the exotic countries and studying ancient cultures.